Unique Features of Lean Math

Lean Math truly transcends the numbers by reinforcing and refreshing lean thinking for the very purpose of Figuring to Improve.


The book presents standard and specialized approaches to tackling all the math required by lean and six sigma practitioners.

Systems Focused

Ten chapters cover system-oriented math, time, the -ilities, work, inventory and so much more!

A Complete Experience

Each entry includes background, principles, formulas, examples, figures, and tables to reference.

A Viable Tool

It's a tool and a construct for thinking.  Here we want to integrate lean math theories and examples with experimentation and application

Lean Math Book Reviews

Read what the thought leaders and proven industry experts are saying about the Lean Math Book.

  • Lean Math fills a huge gap in the continuous improvement library, helping practitioners to translate data, activities, and ideas into meaningful...

    Senior Process Improvement Specialist, Cleveland Clinic

  • Mark and Michael have done a tremendous service for the lean community by tackling this daunting subject.

    Executive Director, National Operations, QMS Continuous Improvement, Quest Diagnostics


  • While the technical, social, and management sciences behind lean must be learned by doing, their conceptual bases are absolutely validated by the...

    President, Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership, Director Emeritus for the Shingo Institute

  • A practical math book may sound like an oxymoron, but Lean Math is both pragmatic and accessible. Hamel and O’Connor do an excellent job keeping...

    MBB, Liberty Management System Architect, Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • When you begin a lean journey, it’s like starting an exercise regimen—the most important thing is to start. But as you mature, and as you achieve...

    PE, Director, Arizona Department Environmental Quality​

  • Math and numbers aren’t exclusively the domain of six sigma! Toyota leaders describe lean as an organizational culture, a managerial approach, and...

    Shingo-Award winning author, speaker, consultant, and blogger​

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